And Now For Something Completely Incorrect

I have hinted before that there seems to me to be a link between extremist Islam and homosexuality (think Mohammed Atta's bizarre will). I'm not claiming expertise, just amassing evidence. Here's more on that, and more on the importance of standing up for women in Afghanistan.
If through the good offices of our military—especially our women soldiers—we could help Afghani women unravel themselves from centuries of complicity in their own oppression and see themselves not as defiled, unclean, perpetually wanton creatures to be hidden away as if they were carriers of plague, but rather as noble members of the human race endowed with greatness and blessings: the giving of life, the tending to it mercifully and lovingly, and, most important, the imparting of lessons in real virtue—self-acceptance to their daughters and just plain acceptance to their sons—that would be gaining hearts and minds indeed.  
Curtsy: Jennifer Rubin