Hobbes v Locke In A Snowstorm

A curtsy low to the ground to Ken Thomas for pointing out this marvelous story in WaPo about snow shoveling.  Marvelous because it reveals the practical relevance of political philosophy. If you've spent all day digging your car out of three feet of snow, do you have a right to your space? Or can someone swoop in and take it from you while you're out on your milk and toilet paper run?
"I know this is public property, but if you spent hours laboring, I mean, come on, I think you have the right to say that is my spot," said Tanya Barbour, who spent two hours Sunday shoveling free her silver Ford Expedition in the 1500 block of T Street NW. "If someone had clearly taken the time to shovel it out, I would not take that spot because I would not want that done to me." 
And there, my friends, is all the refutation of Socialism anyone should ever need.

It's amazing how being reduced to a Hobbesian state of nature brings out the inner Lockean in us all. If only this city's tax and spend Liberals could make the connection between their outrage over stolen parking spots and tax rates.