$625 Billion Deficit in 10 Years


The President just asked me to make my voice heard this morning.
The vote in the House is just hours from now and could still go either way. It's up to every American who believes in reform to call our representatives and speak up -- right now.

So, if you haven't yet, please pick up the phone and call Rep. Edwards's office at (202) 225-8699. And afterward, or if you've called already, make it your mission today to get 5 friends or neighbors to call, too.

Forward this email widely. Save the Congressional switchboard number -- (202) 224-3121 -- in your cell phone, and then hand your phone to a friend, a co-worker, a family member. Capitol Hill offices are open and accepting calls.

Call the folks you know who share our vision for change, and let them know that today is their chance -- our chance -- to not just witness history, but to make it.

Thanks for being there for every step of this final march for reform. And thanks for making it possible.
About that possible executive order.
Update: Bishops condemn the Stupak/Executive Order ploy. Stupak presser cancelled. Jiminy! Such a beautiful day outside; you wouldn't now the constitutional order hangs in the balance and keeps switching over minute by minute.