Stupak Caves

Watching the presser as I type in which he swallows the Executive Order hocus pocus. A week ago I was prepared to eat crow and be proud of him. Today I am exceedingly sorry to be proven right: there is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat.

Hope springs eternal, though. The GOP seems to have found a procedural problem that may spare us after all.

Update: K-Lo is saying Stupak thinks Gramma has the votes and therefore is doing the best he can do, as Bush did in the stem cell situation when Congress had the votes to override an outright ban. If it were so, it would excuse him, but I call foul on that. No way she has the votes w/o him and his coalition.

Upper-date: Lord, have mercy! Stupak ended the night by denouncing the GOP for re-offering his own amendment and claiming the Democrats were the ones who were really pro-life.