Added To My List

...of reasons not to support the UN: UNICEF funds hate tv for Palestinian kids.
An ad that bears the UNICEF logo promotes a PYALARA program on Palestinian Authority TV that is devoted to promoting a boycott of Israel. The ad depicts an axe smashing a Star of David, which has on its side not only additional Jewish stars but also the stars and stripes of the United States. Interestingly, the ad acknowledges that a PA program that advocates such a boycott is a blatant violation of the peace accords that the Palestinians have signed with Israel. PYALARA is, in fact, an NGO closely associated with the moderate peace-loving PA government of Mahmoud Abbas. Its weekly two-hour children’s program “Speak Up,” which promotes anti-Israel propaganda, is supported by UNICEF.
While we're at it, why is UNICEF funding any tv at all? I thought it was supposed to feed and clothe impoverished kids. Do you suppose all those folks moved to help the needy on Halloween would give to buy television ads for the world's poor?