Fight! Fight! Fight!

One more thing and then I'm going to drop the topic for awhile until I cool off.  The idea that bi-partisanship in itself is a rational goal was always silly. Your goal should be to pass prudent legislation (or prudently refrain from tinkering with what's not yours to tinker with) and lead others to support your goals. However, there is an irony that the man who promised post-partisanship has created the biggest partisan battle this country's ever seen short of the civil war.

Efforts to throw the bums out; to repeal; the States' AGs suing; insurance companies suing; this is nothing like over --the acrimonious debates have just begun.

That is the inevitable result of ramming legislation through over the objections of 60-70% of the people. Just as, by attempting to wrest the abortion question away from the citizens in whose hands the decision rightly belonged, the Supreme Court created the culture war it foolishly and arrogantly thought to end, so The Usurper has provoked a debate about the size and role of government that will be either disastrous or very cleansing for this nation.

I vote for very cleansing. (Let 1000 book clubs on Democracy in America bloom!) Never let a good crisis go to waste.