Mass Laughter

Faithful Catholics: we may be inside-baseball-fixated theology nerds, but we're hilarious. Behold this witty counterpoint between Extraordinary Form aficionado John Zmirak: All Your Church Are Belong To Us and Tom Hoopes, who thinks he goes too far: Wave Your Freak Flag High.

I have more sympathy with Mr. Hoopes, although I'm not sure I can take advice on either liturgy or marriage from a guy who brings Journey into the bedroom, even once.

Update: as was predictable, commenters have turned Hoopes' mild corrective into a full-blown fight about liturgy on three blogs now, which would be tiresome but for its having provoked this smack-down from Zmirak. It's overkill, because he's defending against arguments Hoopes nor made nor intended, but it's a wonderful, artful polemic and persuades me never to make an argument against John Zmirak in public.

As we await the promised Hoopes response, I have to point out Zmirak's rejoinder to a critic who accuses him of self-righteousness, preaching to the choir and not being out to persuade any liberals:
No, I'm not. I leave the job of convincing liberals who attend drag queen acts where it belongs--with wonder-working icons, green scapulars, and life-threatening illnesses. I know my limitations. But with God, all things are possible.