The New Secession Crisis

In spite of the moral and legal parallels between slavery and abortion and the long cultural battles to end those respective crimes against humanity, I have always maintained the fight over abortion would never trigger a civil war because there was no geographic divide between pro and anti abortion forces.

However, Virginia and some 37 other states are working on what amount to secession laws if this health care bill passes. (Well: only some of the proposed laws are secessionist. Idaho is passing a law requiring the state AG to sue if the bill passes. But the VA bill sure is.) Abortion's not the direct reason for state opposition, but it is the reason the House can't easily pass the bill. What we have here is more than a wicked and unpopular law; it is an incipient constitutional crisis. And I can assure  you no matter how skillful the photoshops, and no matter what he says in his new Gettysburg address, Obama is no Lincoln.

I take heart only because I'm among those thinking they won't get the votes. (Here's why.)
Update: Ruh-oh. 11 am presser w/ Stupak & other pro-lifers