Gramma Is A Very Vulgar Woman


Because the father who fled into exile to escape the slaughter of innocents definitely backs this Herodian health care bill. I'm pretty sure St. Joseph is on Bart Stupak's side. Curtsy: RCP

St. Joseph the Just, pray for us!

Update: Fr. Z. points out this is a double fail, since it's the solemnity of St. Joseph, but St. Joseph the Worker is May 1st. The Anchoress enumerates the umpteen mistakes in this brief comment and really goes to town:
In her upside-down world, Pelosi may think that this monstrosity she is laboring so mightily to deliver is “life-affirming;” that is because she is -like so many of her generation- unable to imagine life after her own. It takes a “my life right now is more important than any future life” mentality to be this committed to abortion, and to insuring that every means of preventing or ending life, at every stage, is introduced into the public mind as a godly and enviable thing. It takes a mind that willfully misunderstands the nature of both light and life, as taught by the Church she professes to love, to stand there with a smug "unicorns and rainbows" demeanor and spout these deceitful platitudes that are not grounded in any sort of reality.
 I think I just heard The Anchoress say, "Die, Boomers, Die!"