The Crony Capitalist Nominee

If the rumors are true that Elena Kagan will be the prez' SCOTUS pick in a few hours, here's a preliminary reaction to that from Ed Whelan.
On the plus side, she's not a hater.
she deserves considerable credit for her tenure as dean of Harvard law school, including for her generous treatment of conservatives, which has earned her considerable goodwill.
There is a striking mismatch between the White House’s populist rhetoric about seeking a justice with a “keen understanding of how the law affects the daily lives of the American people” and the reality of the Kagan pick.  Kagan is the consummate Obama insider, and her meteoric rise over the last 15 years—from obscure academic and Clinton White House staffer to Harvard law school dean to Supreme Court nominee—would seem to reflect what writer Christopher Caldwell describes as the “intermarriage of financial and executive branch elites [that] could only have happened in the Clinton years” and that has fostered the dominant financial-political oligarchy in America.  In this regard, Kagan’s paid role as a Goldman Sachs adviser is the perfect marker of her status in the oligarchy—and of her unfathomable remoteness from ordinary Americans.
Well, I don't know that the GOP can have anything to say about oligarch SCOTUS picks, having pitched a hissy at the thought of Bush nominating someone who didn't go to an ivy league law school or attend the right parties (there may have been other reasons to oppose Harriet Miers, but they did not show up in columns or talk radio). But it would be nice to have a SCOTUS pick relatively free of the crony capitalism paradigm.