Which Altars When It Altaration Finds

Folks are having great fun mocking the ugliness of the structure for the canonization of St. John Newman, with some thinking it's a deliberate slight to the Holy Father. My first thought was (not that the UK hierarchy isn't capable of petty slights, but)....eh, it's not a church, it's a rain-shield over an open air altar. What do we expect?

But out of curiosity, and because I was waiting for a timer to go off, I did a little comparison of what the altars looked like in similar situations:
Lisbon (very similar --slide 5)
Czech Republic (slide 7)
Angola (slide 12)
France (slide 15)
Sydney(slide 22)
Austria --didn't find pics of the structure, but they made the pope wear these vestments, which should have been cause for excommunication, I think.
Mass at Nationals Stadium
Mass at Yankee Stadium

I don't know....my takeaway is that the US did the best of anyone in coming up with something that looked Catholic. A tent still looks like a tent.