Helping Or Hurting Japan?

Are we doing anything to help the Japanese? I'm mentally comparing the Bush Administration's response to the Indonesian earthquake with the Obama Admin's response to Japan, one of our closest friends. VDH is too:
At some point, could the administration please release some sort of statement enlightening us about the help that the U.S. has offered the heroic Japanese — expertise, aircraft, personnel, clean-up materiel? Anything?
Thanks to our gauche, intrusive and hysterical reporters, the story seems to be all about us: a national high maintenance personality:
America is referenced in the media hype mostly in three contexts: One, we are terrified over a “plume” floating over the U.S.; two, we keep telling Americans to leave Japan ASAP; three, we speculate whether a crippled Japanese industrial base might, in fact, help the American economy.
ninme's been keeping running tabs on the nobility and dignity of the Japanese response: not for them anger at the government for something that was Mother Nature's doing or looting their neighbors. They are starting to get ticked, though, Tim Blair notes:
“Is fear stalking the streets of Tokyo?” asks RTE correspondent Paul Cunningham. “No. But there is a lot of anger being directed at the int media for scaring the public.”