Osama's Last Days

The Formerly Grey Lady has a piece on OBL's hidden life. Don't know how much of it will turn out true, but two little tidbits jump out at me. First, is it plausible neighbors didn't know OBL was there? Yes. Why? Because he was living in a culture where hiding out from reprisal killings is kind of normal.
“We thought maybe they had killed someone back in their village or something like that and were therefore very cautious,” said a neighbor, an engineer who identified himself as Zaheer. 
So they figured there was some problem next door. A murderer. A woman who'd smiled at a man. Something like that. 

You know how his most recent messages were an odd mixture of his death to America clap-trap and Western progressivism? Suddenly he was talking about climate change & Noam Chomsky and praising Jimmy Carter's book? I think we have an explanation. The man had nothing to do but watch non-cable tv and read Western news assembled for him on jump drives. And --possibly-- listen to the radio.
It is not known if he had a radio in the house, but his son Omar, who lived with him in Afghanistan until 1999, described his father as constantly listening to the BBC.
Imagine if the BBC loved the West what we might have heard. Death to America! Soon the Christians will die at their own hands because they are soft and love comfort and will neither rein in entitlement spending nor engender the children they need to pay into their systems!