How Stupid Is The NY GOP?

We's about to find out. A move to create same-sex marriage in NY will die this evening unless the GOP saves it, which it is apparently just stupid enough to do.

Forget marriage, religious liberty, right and wrong, principle, the common good. As a matter of pure political self-interest, it is completely idiotic for the GOP senators to hand Gov. Cuomo and the Dems a cudgel with which to cut them all.  No matter what they actually think about the issue, they'll be fine if they stand together and simply don't allow the vote to come to the floor. If they let it come to a vote, then they will each have to cast an up or down vote, and they are the ones who stand to hang on those votes because they're the ones with the divided party on this issue.

National Organization for Marriage explains Critical Action Needed. Use the link provided to keep up the pressure on the on-the-fence senators...especially if you're from NY.

Update: They went home w/o doing anything last night. Keep up the pressure today.