Life's Little Mysteries


Seven Things I Do Not Understand. Not an exhaustive list by any means, but on my list today.

1. The Fr. Corapi phenomenon. We don't have cable and had no Catholic radio in our market until a couple of months ago, so while I'd heard of him, barely, he was simply not on my radar screen. That's made this week in the Catholic blogosphere somewhat surreal. Odd to be so completely outside (apart from wishing the good for everyone) something everyone else can't stop talking about. A bit like the time I tried to watch an episode of Lost half-way through the run. Didn't get it.

High wedge sandals. I guess it's the city girl in me, but to me these do not say "sexy" or "wild" or "fun." To me, they say, "Mug me, I cannot run."
(Knock yourself out, however.)

This looks to me like you've worn a hole in your shoe. When my little boys get peep-toe sneakers, we replace them.

4. What was so bad about Rebecca Black. I understand that "Friday" is an insipid little ear-worm with stupid lyrics I myself could not bear to hear through even once. And? It's no worse than "Party in the USA," on which it's obviously patterned. (Noddin' my head like yeah.)

5. Price points. Why can't we just say "price," as in the good ol' days?

6. People who use Facebook to complain about Facebook. Holy entitlement mentality, Batman! Use it or don't use it, but you have no right to demand anything: they're providing it to you free.

7. Why all of a sudden everyone has a "bucket list." Except, as it turns out, Betty Beguiles, who's hosting this week.