One Ring of Bureaucrats To Rule Them All


European democracy, RIP. My spy in NY sends along this link. EU nations will be submitting their budgets to the EU for pre-approval before citizens of the actual nations get to vote on them. Janey Daley's noticed what I have on another front...where I like to say the "N" in "never again" is silent where respect for life and human rights are concerned, she says:
it is often quite eerie how the statements and mannerisms of EU officials, seemingly so dedicated to being the precise opposite of earlier, infamous generations, end up echoing (or parodying) the more memorable moments of the war-torn 20th century. When the president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, proclaimed, “I am pleased to stand before you this morning and confirm that Europe is closer to resolving its financial and economic crisis… We are showing that we can unite in the most difficult of times”, I half expected him to wave a piece of paper in the air and proclaim economic stability in our time.