They Killed Google Reader

Or "Pass the Biscuits" as it's known in these parts.

ninme 'splains it to you. Deeply annoying since the whole activity of this blog lately is simply passing links along.

I await a third party rescue, since google's only interested in google plus-ing me (not interested until they relax the no pseudonym policy), and I'd have to have a whole new identity for that. Recommendations welcome.

Update:  Well, it's ugly, but it's functional: for the time being, I switched to FriendFeed, which gives me what I want: a bookmarklet with which to easily share links. Agree completely with blostopher's comment, citing a TechCrunch reader:
The new Google Reader continues the Google revamping of including lots of white space and reducing the actual amount of content available. Message to Google: It's all about content, not white space. Also, the nearly colorless theme is just totally dead and lifeless.
Designers think it's about how it looks; readers think it's about the content. How long before they kill Blogger, I am wondering?