Don't Just Shop, Buy


Well, at least one of my candidates won his primary last night. Dan Bongino is now the GOP candidate to defeat Ben Cardin for a seat in the U.S. Senate this fall.  Money-wise the guy's going to have an uphill battle, but if anyone can defeat Cardin he can.

This is footage from his victory party last night. The first nine minutes is hugs and thank yous, which show he's a nice guy, but there's no reason to watch. Tune in for his substantive remarks, though, which ought to resonate with folks in all kinds of blue states like mine.

Pick it up at about 9 minutes in, when he starts talking about what a rough nine months it's been, and how scary it has been for him and his wife for him to quit his job and run for office.
Folks, do we believe in these ideas, or do we just believe in these ideas when the race is convenient to win?
So what? It's your home.

So let me get this straight. We've lost a few races, we've had a couple bad races, but 1984 Reagan wins. 1988 George H.W. Bush wins. Ellen Sauerbray wins, we all know it [for those not familiar, this was an excellent GOP candidate who had the race for Governor stolen from her].  Bob Ehrlich wins 2002.  We have a 30-year history of winning in our state.

Folks, this is our home. It's our fight... It's time for people to step up....

We need 20% of Democrats to win, and we're going to get them.

We're going to ask them something they've never been asked: to step out of the ideological box....

The GOP is about ideas ...

We are going to plant a tent in Prince George's County, Baltimore City....and we are going to talk about things that matter....
Yes, yes, yes and yes. Convictions. A happy warrior. Involves others in the battle, doesn't just swoop in as savior. And doesn't think his ideas are just for people like him. He's going after the minority vote...and he's going to get it, too, with that attitude and those ideas. Enough of it to win.

This is not a sponsored endorsement, but an enthusiastic one: Send him some $$ if you can. I'm gonna.

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