In Planned Parenthood's Pocket

Further to my post about the crony capitalist relationship between the Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood, and also further to my enthusiasm for Dan Bongino, GOP senate candidate, please note what incumbent Dem Senator Ben Cardin said upon winning his primary last night.
After learning he had won, Cardin said he would focus on opposing Republican efforts to undo progress on health care, women’s rights and the environment.
“I’ve made it clear that that’s not going to happen under my watch,” Cardin said in a telephone interview.
Can a position be both tedious and unbelievable?

The people of this state are struggling with unemployment, the rising cost of everything, obscenely bad schools (in spite of the corrupt process that claims ours are among the best in the nation. You think PG County schools are among the best?), taxes galore, the imminent collapse of the economy from debt, and what are Senator Cardin's priorities? Whatever Cecile Richards tells him they are. That, and keeping energy prices high.