Federal Power Grabs

When I posted "In Stunning Act of Delayed Retribution, First Black President Enslaves All Americans" back in 2009, I was kidding. A little joke about the massive debt thrown on our backs by the first stimulus bill.

However, after a friend scoffed at me for saying that an America that would stand for compelling a pro-life conscience to pay for an abortion-inducing drug would stand for absolutely anything the government cared to try, I decided to begin to enumerate all the strikes against the Declaration and Constitution we now passively tolerate.

Here's a question. In what way is crony capitalism carried to the extremes listed below distinct from outright fascism?

My scoffing friend would look at this list and say, "Well, Obama didn't start it. He didn't appoint the first czar, etc...."  That's fine. Doesn't change the fact this must be opposed.

Like the Wholly Owned Subsidiary post, I intend to re-run this periodically with updates. 

Bypassing the Constitution
Obamacare: Killing the Weak, Compelling All Citizens To Be Complicit In Abortion
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Now, in an outrageous and unlawful power grab, the Internal Revenue Service seeks to control who you may hire to prepare your tax returns and even to nudge you toward a large tax preparation firm by eliminating many of their independent competitors. It has enacted a sweeping new licensing scheme that affects an estimated 350,000 tax professionals nationwide.
EPA "crucifying" oil and gas companies.