To the Dogs

Shamelessly pinched from CMR, who pinched it from Weasel Zippers

You could be forgiven and perhaps praised for having missed the source of the latest Left-Right Twitterfeud. Not sure how it came up, but the Obama camp was going after Romney for having once taken a road trip with the family dog in a crate strapped to the top of the car. (To which I say, oh please, you're worried about the dog? My mom & uncle once took us on a road trip from DC to Montgomery in a Datsun 280z, with us kids loaded unprotected into the hatch. That's how all families with kids rolled, literally, back in the day when we were less wealthy and more free...and we liked it that way.)

One dumb attack repelled with another: turns out Obama reveals in one of his bios that he once ate dog in Indonesia.

These two stories taken together amount to nothing whatsoever and I wouldn't bring it up except some of the dog puns were really funny (they missed my favorite, from @DeanClancy: "Stew the pooch"). Even funnier was the humorless Leftist who felt the need to protest them with this smarmy retort. "I'm confused. Are you mocking another culture or a small child?"  (Obama was a kid in Indonesia when he ate the dog, see). Bonus! and All. Too. Easy.

Update: Ack! Got distracted from my real point: why are we just learning this week that Obama ate dog? Clearly because no one actually read his book[s].

Updater: I am reliably informed that the Datsun 280z was a different outing. The DC to Montgomery trip was actually made in a Mercury Lynx, with two of us in the backseat and the youngest lying down across the little back shelf behind the back seat. Crazy!