Fauxcohantas & The First Birther President

"Lizzie Get Your Minority Faculty Position" from The Ryskind Sketchbook

You've heard of "Fauxcohantas," the scandal caused because Harvard Law Prof and Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren claims Cherokee blood -- falsely, it turns out. Sing along w/ Lizzie to the tune of "I'm An Indian Too" from Annie Get Your Gun. And if you really want to have fun, click over to the Sketchbook and read his lyrics to "Claimin' I'm A Cherokee," sung to the tune of Doin' What Comes Naturally.  Here's one verse: 

Folks are fair in Harvard Square,
For justice they are yearnin’
They will tenure whites like me
If I say I’m  Cher-o-kee (If you say your Cher-o-kee).
To add insult to injury, turns out Ms. Warren also plagiarized some recipes in the Pow Wow Chow cookbook. Clearly no one took the authenticity of the recipes very seriously at the time, since Ms. Warren submitted two crab recipes among several others as generations-old recipes from the Oklahoma Cherokee. Crab is so authentically Oklahoman, as we all know (and Mark Steyn beat me to mocking, but I thought it all by myself)

What's going on at Harvard Law that teachers and students alike must falsely embellish their heritage to feel good enough? As you probably read, it turns out the President used to pass himself of as being born in Kenya back in the day. Which means -- and this is the true importance of the story-- Mr. Obama is our first birther President! He probably wasn't born in Kenya, but he himself if the source of the story that he is.

My big conclusion from this week's news cycle? Harvard Law types are liars.