Notre Dame & Other Un-Persons

Now, finally, can we all agree the media abdication of duty and lapdoggery is undeniable? How is it possible that 43 organizations (including the Obama-awarding U. of Notre Dame, with many more expected to follow) file suit simultaneously in 12 jurisdictions and ABC World News and NBC Nightly News literally (and I mean that literally, Mr. Biden) don't mention it? (CBS gave it a thorough-going 19-seconds.)

Folks is hoppin' mad, but don't they get it? Catholics and their institutions already don't exist. The history books have already been updated, and all the double-plus-ungood people were never there.

The chancellor of the Archdiocese of Washington explains the suit here:


Update: EJ Dionne explains why the press isn't covering the 43 lawsuits. It's because the REAL story is that many bishops AREN'T suing.
Yes, Dear.

Just as on 9/11 the REAL story was the number of Muslims who weren't attacking us.

Dionne rests his case on the word of one bishop, actually: Stephen Blaire of Stockton. He's the guy who says Paul Ryan's budget is a moral failure. I haven't gotten around to fisking him yet but he's way overdue. An interview he gave in the NC Register recently shows beyond doubt he hasn't even read the dang budget. He thinks the Church should not defend itself because it gives the GOP a talking point. And we all know the Church exists for the purpose of denying talking points to the GOP, and political neutrality means never telling politicians they are wrong. Except Paul Ryan, apparently.

Dionne is angry that the Church hasn't been mollified by the "compromise" on the HHS mandate, in which the government allows an accounting trick so Christians can pretend on paper they aren't funding abortifacient drugs and sterilizations. E.J., Baby: THERE IS NO COMPROMISE. The HHS rule was finalized as written on the same day the Administration floated it as some kind of maybe possibility down the road. It was a trick and a lie from the beginning, and only you and Sr. Carol fell for it.