Drone Wars

If I weren't so lazy I'd search for the number of times I argued the no enhanced interrogation policy would have exactly this effect. John Woo: Obama, Drones & Thomas Aquinas:
The administration has made little secret of its near-total reliance on drone operations to fight the war on terror. The ironies abound. Candidate Obama campaigned on narrowing presidential wartime power, closing Guantanamo Bay, trying terrorists in civilian courts, ending enhanced interrogation, and moving away from a wartime approach to terrorism toward a criminal-justice approach. Mr. Obama has avoided these vexing detention issues simply by depriving terrorists of all of their rights—by killing them.
Just to be clear, I don't take John Woo as an authoritative interpreter of Just War theory. But the argument that waterboarding is torture and indiscrimate killing of anyone who happens to be standing near someone who might be a friend of a friend of a terrorist is a moral improvement is absurd.