Criminal Minds

Brutally Honest has a humorous post on hate crime. He found some satanists claiming it's a hate crime that someone stole their "vote Satan" yard sign. I'm not sure those particular satanists are clear on the concept, but be that as it may, I'm never clear on what kind of violent crimes are NOT hate crimes or how "x-aphobia" is a worse motivation than avarice, jealousy or some other vice. "Sorry about your son, Ma'am, but take comfort in knowing it wasn't racially motivated?" 

Actually this is only an excuse to quote a portion of an Erma Bombeck poem, not quite accurately, but from childhood memory. She mocks the idea that you're not to punish a child in if there's any other time one would.

Never scold a child in anger;
Never punish when irate.
Save it for some happy time --
When both are feeling great!

Save it for some peaceful bedtime.
Try to catch him at his prayers.
As he murmurs, "God bwess Da-da."
THEN you kick him down the stairs! 

And so with murder and mayhem. Wait til you calm that hatred down, kids, before you kill!