Don't Worry, You'll Have Other Countries

I'm deflated, not depressed, but I promised myself to spend a day off the internet because the gloating on one hand and eat-our-own recriminations on the other would be too much for me. I "marked as read" all the entries in my Google reader because I couldn't care less how the people who were utterly wrong about the election yesterday explain things today. It seems more decent that they take at least the rest of the week to reflect on the results and their implications before presuming to opine more -- let them post book and movie reviews for awhile instead.

But then I got bored and couldn't resist a little teensy peek at  facebook/twitter. Whoa. Mistake. The gloating I can handle, but the number of my friends posting earnest reflections on how politics isn't ultimate and Only Jesus Saves reads like someone who says something utterly out of tone at a funeral. True, but utterly unhelpful. Too soon.

And then there was this comment from a friend:
So sad to see so many people reacting so violently to the election results. I pray that they turn those feelings into something constructive, like taking action to help the country move forward and heal during the next four years. There is so much work to do on so many fronts. I also pray that the Obama administration does not take these results as a "rubber stamp" that America agrees with all of its policies and agendas.

Mr. President, you have a lot of work to do. My vote was cast for you because I could not find a compelling enough reason to vote for Mr. Romney, not because I approve of the direction the country is headed or the state of our economy. Please do your best to make America a better place to live at the end of the next four years, because the last four years were less than desirable.

Yes, Dear. When you vote for people they always know it means you want them to do the opposite of what they've been doing.

So. Read any good books lately?