Rats! Your Surgery's Cancelled

Rat infestation in the surgery caused the cancellation of operations at a hospital in Britain. I think the story rather buries the lede, however. Later on we find:
Separately at the beginning of October, it emerged almost 80 breast cancer patients were being recalled by King's Mill Hospital after being given inaccurate test results.
About 120 women were given false negative results which meant some of them would have benefited from treatment different to what they were given.
False negatives? So 120 women may die of breast cancer --or at least have a much bigger fight on their hands-- thanks to incompetence at this hospital?

By all means, tell us first about the rat! Who the hell cares? It's only women. 

Well, that's not fair. I suppose the breast cancer story is old and they reported it back in October. Besides, false breast cancer negatives from the NHS are common, as we learn from this 2010 story.
Christine Hullock from Penrith was told she did not have cancer in April. Months later she had two operations including a mastectomy.
In total 16 women have been treated for breast cancer after being called back for further assessment at North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust.
The trust's breast screening programme was suspended in July.
Three radiologists have been told they should not return to work until they have had more training.
Awesome! Not one ill-trained radiologist who through some fluke got through the system, but three! How many radiologists do we suppose were on staff? If the program was suspended, that suggests the entire radiology staff was incompetent, no?

I bet all those women dying of cancer are grateful for their free birth control,  and think it's a benefit well worth cutting back on radiology training. So I am back to: who the hell cares, it's only women!

Curtsy: Powerline, which comments:
With President Obama’s re-election, it is generally assumed that Obamacare is here to stay. Which means that pretty soon, your health care will be run incompetently, like the postal service, and with an agenda, like the EPA and the Department of Energy.