For My Reading Pleasure

Oh joy, oh rapture, and just in time for Advent reading: the Pope's 3rd volume in his Jesus of Nazareth series. The press is having its usual ignoramus field day, apparently shocked that the Pope "admits" or "claims" (depending on the source) that Jesus might have been born earlier than the year 1 and that there may have been no ox and ass present at the actual Nativity. As if these were new revelations, invented by this pope. Sigh.

Also for Advent reading: Adventhology 2012, four short pieces by Brandon Vogt, Simcha Fisher, Dan Lord & Dorian Speed.

On an entirely other note, but related because for I'm looking forward to reading it just as much, though for different reasons. There's a new Professor Dr. von Igelfeld forthcoming. Unusual Uses for Olive Oil.  The other volumes in the Two and a Half Pillars of Wisdom series cracked me up.