Lunch With Two Popes

Shamelessly pinched from Whispers, where you can find stills and more story.

It's lovely: a moment of brotherhood and communion. And very sweet: they look so genuinely happy to see each other-- Benedict trying to show Francis to the Papal throne in the chapel and Francis saying, "We're brothers" and kneeling beside him in the same pew. Was there ever less ambition in a room?

Later Francis gives Benedict an icon of the Madonna of Humility. He says something like, "They tell me this is called 'the Madonna of Humility' and, forgive me for saying so, but I thought of you: so much humility during your pontificate." I can't quite catch the rest because there's cross talk with Benedict moved and thanking him ("How kind!"), but he says something about Benedict's tenderness and goodness.

Then they fall to talking about the image itself and the clip cuts with Francis saying he hadn't been familiar with the image prior.... But what the video reveals more candidly to me is how truly frail Benedict has become -- how wise his judgment.