I Think Fr. Frank Just Won

After Gramma Pelosi proclaimed (or appeared to proclaim) late-term abortion "sacred," Priests for Life founder Fr. Frank Pavone called her out, asking her to have the decency to renounce Catholicism instead of pretending to be "devout" (though any practicing Catholic would tell you that no actually devout Catholic would ever refer to himself as devout; saying that of yourself is de facto proof it ain't true).

In an interview with Think Progress she laughs his challenge off -- says if it had been more "intellectual" and less "hysterical" she might have taken it seriously. But I think she also admits she's not Catholic here.
I grant the Church where they are on abortion. That’s where they are, that’s where they have to be. But my faith isn’t about what their position is.
It's a bit ambiguous. Possibly the "they" is Priests for Life since she denounces them before and after. But she seems to say here that her faith has nothing to do with what the Church teaches.

The interview is revealing, not only because it shows she's as ignorant as she appears, but because it demonstrates what's not even on her radar. Here 's what she says about Roe v. Wade (note her dismissive referral to the March for Life as a "parade"):
I’m not sure that the Republicans actually want Roe v. Wade to be struck down. Their base does. But from their standpoint, they’ve had plenty of opportunities to strike Roe v. Wade. They have these parades every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but they have not acted in a way that would take it to the courts. Now, other people outside have their cases and all that. But President Bush, with a majority in Congress and a court inclined to strike down Roe v. Wade, he didn’t need to do it. And that should tell you something. They want the issue. Better to have the issue. Because if they strike it down they will have such a backlash in the country. [Emphasis in original.] 

Nancy Pelosi --former Speaker of the House-- does not value the authority of Congress! She thinks Republicans aren't serious (some of them certainly aren't, but that's another story), and her evidence is that they haven't done what Lefties do, which is try to impose their views through judicial diktat. It does not even occur to her that there could be any other way to function. Similarly, look at how she speaks of Bush "striking down" Roe, as if that were a Presidential power or as if the President has any control over the SCOTUS. (Makes you wonder what the relationship between Dem presidents and their appointees is, doesn't it?)

This calls to mind John Allen's piece about Christians in Nigeria wanting to be peaceful, but not able to bring the Muslims to the table until they fought, because Muslims could only understand non-violence as weakness. Legitimate legislative processes that honor the Constitution and the will of the people are so far off Pelosi's radar, she can't recognize that her opponents are working within them. Honorable politics are a cipher to her!