Homemade Limoncello

Inspired by this -- delicious Roman limoncello brought us on the house almost every night (it totally pays to travel with a pretty blonde friend when you're in Italy)-- I created this from an ancient recipe passed down by my friend Googella.

Googella is conflicted regarding whether the proper recipe involves grain alcohol, vodka, or a blend. I had a lot of lemons, so will be trying some of each. This is the blended version, based on this recipe, a little rushed into production because a friend was visiting from Rome -- and it passed muster with him, so I am kvelling. I wonder how you say that in Italian?

Mr. W. was praising my culinary prescience this evening because two of the cold salads I served our guest were in the Wall Street Journal this weekend. I don't know about that, but I definitely feel on trend considering this piece on homemade aperitifs. Though why anyone would drink a beet eucalyptus aperitif when he could have a limoncello digestive I don't know.