Mayonnaise Have Seen The Glory of the Coming of the Lord

The musings of Aunt Irene, a part Maggie Smith could inhabit beautifully, on Evolution:

Aunt Irene really inclined to that simplest of all views: the one expressed so cogently in the book of Genesis, which explained everything with appealing clarity. This was the only view that explained, for instance, mayonnaise. It was patently absurd to suppose that mayonnaise had come about through random chance, that anyone could ever have been silly or brilliant enough to predict what would happen if he slowly trickled oil on to egg yolks and then gone ahead and tried it. An angel must have divulged the recipe and then explained what to do with the left-over whites. Meringues -- there was another instance of the exercise of superhuman intelligence. To Aunt Irene, the Ten Commandments seemed almost insignificant compared with the astonishing miracle of what you could do with an egg.

--Alice Thomas Ellis, The 27th Kingdom