I Think I Like Egyptian Summer Better Than Arab Spring

Shamelessly pinched from here, where you should go to see more.
Eldest Weed was asking me this afternoon if the Egyptian protests are a good thing. I told him I didn't know for sure, but was hopeful that the Egyptians are throwing off Islamism and not just trading it in for another brand. I have no insight unless you count a conversation with an Egyptian woman on a plane who said within Egypt people hate the Muslim Brotherhood. "We used not to care who was Christian and who was Muslim. Now there are many killings and you should not travel there. Very dangerous." 
Eldest Weed quipped that we'd quickly know whether the new government is good based on whether or not Obama supports it. (If he does, it isn't.) 
We'll see. But do go look at the pictures. Interesting!

Update: Mark Steyn says all optimism is misplaced. Of course, that's his theme on all political topics, but it's still a good piece -- and probably right. Curtsy to ninme.