Annals of Self-Awareness, 6

This piece would be annoying enough if it weren't running the same week as the JFK retrospective. I will let John Zmirak comment, copying and pasting from his Facebook page.
The NY Times ran the column [linked above] by a liberal Pole contemptuous of those who think that the plane crash that decapitated the Polish government in 2010 on the way to visit Russia to commemorate the Katyn massacre. Because it is SO absurd to suspect anything like that of the Russian secret service, right? (I'm not saying it was a conspiracy, but it certainly had the smell of one.) The column presents the mourning over these conservative politicians' deaths as a sick fetish cult, and the suspicion as proof of paranoia--TWO WHOLE YEARS after the investigation was completed.

So what do we think of the NY Times' fetish cult of JFK? Of liberals' STILL trying to blame Dallas conservatives for a shot fired by a Communist into an anti-Communist president? Of the endless conspiracy theories, peddled by crackpots like Oliver Stone? FIFTY YEARS LATER.

That's okay, though. Americans need time to heal.