If You Like Your Free Market, You Can Keep It

Andrew McCarthy lays out the "failure" of Obamacare. Read the whole thing for the step-by-step (the current failure is planned -- maybe not the website, but the booting of everyone who self-insures out of their programs-- but here's the conclusion.
The manufactured financial crisis will be portrayed as a demonstration that exchanges based on the assumption that individuals will take responsibility for their own “private” insurance arrangements do not work. It will be time to solve the crisis by a seamless transition — there’s that word again — to a fully socialized health-care system, now overtly controlled by the government. “Free” health care for everyone — with all the substandard treatment, absurd wait times, and rationing that entails — will be supported by a few “tweaks” to our progressive tax system . . . no more unwieldy, unpredictable premium payments.

Watch that Jon Stewart interview with Sebelius again (I wrote about it here) and see before your eyes that is exactly what is being set up.