7 Quick Reasons Christmas May Be Ruined


1. I forgot to plant paperwhite narcissus after Thanksgiving. Only just noticed, too, which surprises me. I love paperwhites and I enjoy planting them as the kick-off to Advent. Now it's Christmas Eve eve and I miss them. Christmas is ruined!

2. Waited too late to order the Chocolate Indulgence cake from King Arthur flour. Without this bit of delectableness, Christmas is ruined!

3. Haven't strung the Christmas cards-on-twine garland yet, and since guests arrive tomorrow, probably won't. No homey Victorian decor? Christmas is ruined!

4. Did our annual cookie-decorating project with the kids last night. They took it less than seriously this year. I can handle the festive Christmas worms and the gingerbread men festooned as the Doctors Who, but I draw the line at the Sugar Cookie Hitler. How can I serve any of those to our guests? Christmas is ruined!

4. Used a new crust recipe and it sank, allowing the cranberry pie filling to spill over. Will taste fine, but it's not the aesthetic triumph of yesteryear. Christmas is ruined!

5. Ninme found me the chocolate bourbon pecan tart recipe I was looking for. Yay! Christmas is saved! But the tart pan is leaking hot goo all over the oven as I type this. Christmas is ruined!

6. Just realized there is absolutely nothing on the menu that the gluten-intolerant guest can eat. Well, except roast brussels sprouts. But as said guest is about 10, I'm guessing that won't go over. Christmas is ruined!

7. Got the brilliant idea to make Beef Wellington. For 16! I don't know what I was thinking, except that I must have been in a far more festive mood than I am now, with just 27 hours to go. Christmas is ruined!

Ah well: forces us all to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, I suppose. Christmas itself cannot be ruined of course, but, as the Official Cartoonist of Wheat & Weeds might say, "I am doing it wrong."