"Prominent Catholics" Hardest Hit

I'm sure it's only coincidence, as the Holy Father is continuing a series of Wednesday Audiences on the family, but a week after a group of known dissenters  styling themselves "Prominent Catholics" placed an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle demanding that the pope fire Archbishop Cordileone for his outrageous insistence that Catholic schools should teach Catholic doctrine on marriage and sexuality, Pope Francis delivered himself of this address on Genesis 2 and the creation of man and woman.

The whole thing is worth reading. It's sort of a summary of the main points St. John Paul brought out of the passage, mixed with Francis' folksy images. But the gist of the matter is well put in the English-language summary:

We see throughout history the fruit of this sin, especially towards women – oppression, violence and exploitation. Most recently, this mistrust and scepticism has led our culture to disregard the marriage covenant between a man and a woman, that covenant which deepens communion and safeguards the dignity of their uniqueness. When the stable and fruitful covenant between a man and a woman is devalued by society, it is a loss for everyone, especially the young. For all our sins and weaknesses, our vocation is to care for the covenant of marriage. It is a vital and energizing vocation, through which we cooperate with our heavenly Father, who himself always cares for and protects this great gift.

The Christian vocation is to defend man-woman marriage, and now is an exciting time in which to be engaged in that effort. Thus sayeth the Pontiff.

Incidentally, it's not a scientific poll, but the SFgate's reader questionnaire on whether Cordileone should stay or go is, at this writing, 80% in Cordileone's favor.  His problems at home have had the effect of preventing him from attending this weekend's March for Marriage, however. 

Speaking of which. This year's March for Marriage is April 25th at 11:30 on the national mall.  Participate virtually if you can't get to DC.