I'm Late, I'm Late, For A Very Important Date

I have tomato plants, but haven't put them in the ground yet (about a month late for planting based on previous years, but it really hasn't been consistently warm enough until the past week). Should really be today, but it's SO humid.

Which will win: laziness, or desire for tomatoes?

Update: Tomatoes won, though this morning I recall as I do every year why I am such an indifferent gardener: oh, right. I'm allergic. In spite of taking Claritin and showering immediately after hours in the garden, this morning the itch is coming from the inside, especially the head and face. (Where is ISIS when you really need it?)

Updater: Oh, joy, oh, rapture! I was so late purchasing plants this year I didn't get my favorite cultivars. But a neighbor just dropped off two extras he had, so now I have 'em. Summer is looking up.