Marcomentum Comes My Way

I've been feeling sorry for myself for missing a Marco Rubio rally this afternoon. The location was more than an hour away and Mass ran long, so Girl Weed and I would have arrived with just about ten minutes left in the event. Campaign stops always run late, so I toyed with going anyway, and then decided it was not a prudent use of time.

Now I'm not sure whether to feel sorry or not. On the one hand, I seem to have made a good traffic choice, at least given the testimony of folks live-tweeting:

(Breitbart's take on that will be: "Rubio lies to police....")

On the other hand, it sounds like fun...
...with Rubio on his game. If you've ever watched one of his town halls or stump appearances, you know he is terrific on his feet, full of ease and light-hearted, good-natured humor, as witness this takedown of a heckler:
He's also terrific at educating voters -- not just taking positions, but explaining what is at stake. And he doesn't pander. He's matter-of-fact about what his positions are, respectful of those who disagree w/o backing down -- and he's the only Presidential candidate for many cycles who has been willing to tell voters that there are things Presidents can't do -- to respond to a question by saying, here's what I think the right approach is, but the President isn't the one to solve that -- see for example his answer on minority families here.


 Or, again, talking about poor families, see his answer at the CNN town hall to a public school teacher worried about her students. (I think I have it set up to start at the right place, but if not, the Q. comes around 31:55.)


 Will be looking for video of this afternoon's event. Wish I'd been there.