Civility Is Not A Suicide Pact (Or: Yeah, It's Trump Who's Endangering Democracy.... Sure.)

Trump is the fascist threat to free speech. Except that all he does to shut you down is insult you on Twitter and make idle boasts.  Whereas the Obama/Clinton progressives come after you:

  • AND they demonize you by hiring union goons and mentally ill people to create fights at your rallies, which their willing dupes in the media then dutifully report as if YOUR people were the thugs: 

Trump is the guy with the erratic foreign policy:  Except all he does is bluster -- and then move the conversation in the direction he wants. Whereas the Obama/Hillary progressive axis mold our foreign policy -- and the world's stability-- completely according to whim:

When the Churches are silenced and religious schools are allowed to serve only their co-religionists and every courageous person in the country is being audited or prosecuted, from where do you think you are going to mount your counter-attack? From the House or Senate? Just wait till the Hillary -appointed SCOTUS gets itself involved in re-districting cases! 

My God, people. This election is not about private vice. It is about the wholesale corruption and weaponization of every American institution. Have the good guys no instinct whatever for self-defense? 

Please read Julie Ponzi's Freedom in the Absence of Virtue and think anew and think better about your nevertrumpism:  

While it would be wrong to disparage people just because they lack the stomach for the uglier battles of real world politics, one could wish that such people had more modesty about their judgments of those battles. For those who imagine their rehearsing of Donald Trump’s private moral failings is anything but counter-productive in our current struggle to re-establish the conditions for a future healthy moral orderone that can better support the freedom that is our rightmystify me.  
Good and gentle souls who can identify and provide good arguments about what constitute moral wrongs have an important public role in a thriving republic.  In an unhealthy republic like ours, that role is different (and necessarily less public) though no less important. Prudence requires judgment about what may advance versus what may cause the retreat of virtue at different times and circumstances in our history. We are now engaged in a life and death struggle for the survival of our republic. In the midst of that, too much heavenly-mindedness is of little earthly good.

She makes the essential point that while morality is a condition of freedom, it is not the ONLY condition thereof -- and at this juncture, not the most important one. RTWT. 

Likewise, VDH makes a very persuasive case for Trump: Enough already with his faults, even if we stipulate them: 
Name a Trump cruelty or idiocy — unfamiliarity with the political discourse, ethnic insensitivity, cluelessness about the world abroad — and parallels abound, from Obama’s mispronunciation of “corpsman” as “corpse-man,” his mocking of the Special Olympics, and his remark about “punish[ing] our enemies” to Hillary’s statement that believing David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker required a “suspension of disbelief,” her “what difference does it make?” glibness about the Benghazi attack, and her past pandering to “white Americans.” And these Democrats’ frauds — from the Tony Rezko sweetheart lot deal with Obama to Hillary’s $100,000 profiteering in cattle futures — are even more banal grifting than Trump steaks and Trump vodka. Had anyone else in government set up a private e-mail server, sent and received classified information on it, deleted over 30,000 e-mails, ordered subordinates to circumvent court and congressional orders to produce documents, and serially and publicly lied to the American people about the scandal, that person would surely be in jail. The Clinton Foundation is like no other president-sponsored nonprofit enterprise in recent memory — offering a clearing house for Clinton-family jet travel and sinecures for Clintonite operatives between Clinton elections. Hillary Clinton allotted chunks of her time as secretary of state to the largest Clinton Foundation donors. Almost every assistant whom she has suborned has taken the Fifth Amendment, in Lois Lerner fashion. The problems with Trump University are dwarfed by for-profit Laureate University, whose “Chancellor,” Bill Clinton, garnered $17.6 million in fees from the college and its affiliates over five years — often by cementing the often financially troubled international enterprise’s relationship with Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Collate what Hillary Clinton in the past has said about victims of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assaults, or reread some of the racier sections of Dreams From My Father, and it is hard to argue that Trump is beyond the pale in terms of contemporary culture.
There is a lot more, including an actual affirmative case. Worth reading the whole long thing. Here's one interesting point.
When Trump shoots off his blunderbuss, is it always proof of laziness and ignorance, or is it sometimes generally aimed in the right direction to prompt anxiety and eventual necessary reconsideration? Questioning NATO’s pro forma way of doing business led to furor, but also to renewed promises from NATO allies to fight terror, pony up defense funds, and coordinate more effectively. Deploring unfair trade deals suddenly made Hillary Clinton renounce her prior zealous support of the “gold standard” Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Wondering whether some of our Asian allies might someday build nuclear weapons galvanized Japan and South Korea to step up and warn North Korea against further aggressive acts, in a new fashion. In Europe, Trump is said to be unpredictable and volatile. But since when are predictability and serenity always advantages in global poker?

And could anyone not as HARD as Trump have stood up to the Democratic machine? 
Something has gone terribly wrong with the Republican party, and it has nothing to do with the flaws of Donald Trump. Something like his tone and message would have to be invented if he did not exist. None of the other 16 primary candidates — the great majority of whom had far greater political expertise, more even temperaments, and more knowledge of issues than did Trump — shared Trump’s sense of outrage — or his ability to convey it — over what was wrong: The lives and concerns of the Republican establishment in the media and government no longer resembled those of half their supporters.

See also: Thomas Sowell

I wasn't sure how I was going to vote until the weekend they released the 11-year old gross Trump recording -- a recording that exists because NBC pays people to talk that way for their racy gossip show and that they sat on for a dozen years until just this moment. And then we're all supposed to dance our little Christian outraged-chastity dance just on their say-so? Enough of that. It makes me so angry, I'm voting for Trump. The march through every free institution must be stopped.