New Rule: You Must Be Old Enough To Date A Republican Candidate To Receive Free Contraceptives in Schools

From The Ryskind Sketchbook, back in the day 

Re: Judge Moore.  Dating teenagers as a 30-year-old is creepy, but I don't believe the accusation that he went after a 14-year-old (UPDATED to say this was originally written prior to the latest round of accusation and I've slightly modified accordingly: Blech).  I'm sick of sick men AND I'm sick to death of a political culture that uses sexual morality for the sole purpose of manipulating Christian voters. I've never been a fan of Moore and wouldn't have voted for him in the primary for other reasons, but for heavens' sake, as Ann Althouse points out, The New Yorker has a piece asking for Anita Hill's take on all the sexual harassment swirling around us these days, and it mentions Trump 10 times and Clinton not once.

Moore can go and I won't shed a tear, but only if he takes Bill Clinton (no more Davos trips for him) and Joe Biden with him.  

And no more warm and fuzzy references to Ted Kennedy, either.  

No one in the media gave a damn when Planned Parenthood was caught in multiple sting videos coaching under-age girls how to get around age reporting requirements, and many of our schools distribute birth control as young as 11 -- which, as I've written here before, strikes me as a pedophile get-out-of-jail free policy.

So how about a new regulation?  If it's a behavior you would use as an October Surprise against a GOP candidate, you may not teach it in public school sex-ed or enable it in public school clinics? Or: you must be old enough to date Judge Moore to receive free contraceptives in public schools.

Or: If you're too young to consent to a Republican candidate, you're too young to consent at all. Let that be the instruction to and in all clinics and schools.

Call it the Moore rule.