Image Credit: Our Lady of Guadalupe, David Camacho 

One consolation of lockdowns is that in recognition of the fact that many major basilicas are either closed to large crowds or closed altogether, the Holy Father is being generous in extending the gifts associate with particular shrines to virtual visitors. Thus, in this centenary of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, there's a plenary indulgence available today for those who attend Mass (even via streaming) at the Basilica or who erect a little Guadalupana altar and pray there.  (At the basilica's website, you can see a live image of the tilma, and video of the various celebrations, including the midnight mass where las mañanitas are sung, or the solemn mass with the blessing of the roses.) 

I "attended" a streaming Mass there this morning, and it was nostalgic hearing some of the classic Marian songs that were the daily fare at Mass during my missionary years, when I lived in a mixed, but predominantly Mexican, community. It was also moving (and charming) to see all the heartfelt intentions and expressions of admiration and gratitude being poured out in the chat box. It got me thinking about Pakaluk's essay for the Immaculate Conception (mentioned here on the 8th) lamenting the loss of muscular Marian devotion. But it wasn't missing from that chat box! 

The Holy Father himself celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in St. Peter's -- something he's added to the Vatican calendar since 2014. (Find video, photos, and the homily in Spanish at the link.)