Our Tainted Nature's Solitary Boast


Image credit: "The Virgin," Joseph Stella, shamelessly pinched from J.R. Art Place 

Happy Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception!  How about three disjointed thoughts as palate cleansers for less happy or less elevated topics? 

I keep thinking I need to re-read Mont St. Michel and Chartres and revisit Adams' juxtaposition of the Virgin and the dynamo as inspirers of culture, and to spur that thought here comes a reflection from Michael Pakaluk on today's feast that seems inspired by a similar question, even if it goes in a different direction. 

Huzzah!  Pope Francis has declared a Year of St. Joseph, beginning today.  Here is the apostolic letter announcing it. 

A dear friend lost her mother last night after a prolonged decline. The departed's name is Maria de la Concepcion and she always had a simple, pious devotion to her namesake, so even through the sorrow of loss there seems to be an intimation of grace and future glory: of course Our Lady came to take her during the novena of her feast. Men and women, even Christian men and women, are not faithful, as the papers daily remind us. But God is, and His work in Mary is our constant proof and cause of hope.