A Month of Hearts Day 30



Shamelessly pinched from this story about iconography in Bethlehem

Well, I surprised myself. Wasn't sure I'd have the staying power to fulfill my odd resolution to post 30 images of the Sacred Heart, one for each day of the month dedicated to it. Not even sure why that idea popped into my head, except that a couple of years ago I happened to notice that one of the Sacred Heart's promises to St. Mary Margaret was that he would bless every place where his image is displayed. 

And I thought, "Even the internet?" 

To be honest those promises, like most private devotions, kind of leave me cold. I just want plain, "Gospel" and Eucharistic Jesus.  But that idea caught in my head for whatever reason, and I do love the devotion of entering into Christ's love and like doing my wee bit to spread it.

I chose a mix of traditional and contemporary images in a variety of media and didn't even touch (but for yesterday) some categories, such as images of the heart alone, or textiles (chasubles and altar linens esp.), or -- strange!-- tattoos.  (If you do an internet search for images of the Sacred Heart, a surprising number of tattoos come up. Someone should do an article on why that phenomenon exists).  Posting the image doesn't imply I think it's successful, necessarily. Just interesting for some reason. 

If you've managed to find your way here, I hope you'll scroll around and see the whole month of Sacred Hearts and tell me which one(s) are your faves. Mine, without question, is the Desvalliers with Christ opening his heart from the Cross. 

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto thine!