The Tomatoes Don't Lie, 2021

The first tomato of summer ripened while I was on retreat last week, so it's unclear whether it was picked June 24 or 25th.  In any case, that's one early tomato -- and well ahead of all its brethren heavy yet green on the vines today. 

I think I neglected to note the day they went in the ground as 4-inch plants: May 2, 2021 

Just for tomato gardener's almanac purposes: 

2020: tomatoes in May 6, first ripe fruit July 4
2019: tomatoes in May 11.
2018 tomatoes in July 9 (outlier year: yard unavailable b/c of work being done) 
2017 tomatoes in June 10 
2016: tomatoes in June 9 
2015: tomatoes in May 30 ; first tomato Aug 9