Christmas 2021, Day 2, Feast of the Holy Family


Nativity Mosaic, by Malaysian artist Hanna-Cheriyan Varghese
Shamelessly pinched from Global Christian Worship

If it weren't a Sunday, this would be the feast of St. Stephen, so perhaps an apt day to post this. 


Zemmour is a French politician who's only just come to my attention. The press denounces him as Far Right, and I don't know enough about him to say he's been fully vetted (if he later turns out to be a weirdo I'll be sorry), but I like what I see so far. He offers a full-throated defense of Western Civilization and particularly its Christian roots -- and he talks about the massive Christian martyrdom taking place largely unremarked.  I can't think of a Church leader in the West who is as confident in saying these necessary things.  (You can get the gist in a very rough translation if you turn on auto-translate in settings at the bottom of the screen.)