Merry Christmas, 2021


The Nativity, as depicted on a Japanese post card, 
from the collections of the Marian Library at the University of Dayton, Ohio.

This ran in the journal earlier this week. Caught my eye because I happen to know the priest, but doesn't it end on a lovely Christmas note?  Alas, it seems to be behind the paywall now (earlier it wasn't). Though you can listen to the robot read it to you if you click the link.  The author describes a homily given by a visiting priest who helped him understand something deeper in "The Hound of Heaven."

Ceasing our own flight from God is good, but better is turning in love and pursuing all who still flee, that they too might find rest. That is loving one another as we are truly loved.

Hoping on this Christmas that you know, or soon come to know, that you are truly loved.