Easter Octave, Day 2


Image credit: Image: Easter Rite (Kiss of Peace) by Boris Kustodiev, 1916

I learned yesterday what my legacy will be.

When the kids were younger, I never bought sugary cereals except for the Christmas and Easter Octaves, as a treat. Therefore, it became a modest Weed tradition to come home from Midnight Mass and the Easter Vigil and have a bowl of Reese's Puffs or Cocoa Puffs or some such thing (while their parents had a drink.)

Middle and Youngest Weed are away at college and couldn't join us for Easter. However, it turns out Middle Weed  hosted a bunch of their friends after the Easter Vigil (where he sponsored his roommate into the Church!), treating them all to a sugary cereal feast.  (I hear there was a smaller real brunch Sunday morning). 

More Easter fun:  check out the fantastical hats at the Easter Parade.