Tomatoes in Ground, 2022

I hope I don't regret planting early, as Spring keeps advancing and then retreating this season, but as the last half of the month will be busy and this week is nice, I took the day off and put the garden in.  Lots of veggies and herbs this year, but only the tomatoes require commentary. 

Planted five varieties: 3 heirlooms and two sure-things, including some yellow cherry tomatoes. Usually I don't plant cherries b/c Mr. Weed doesn't like them. But today it occurred to me that I don't have to serve them to him, and could still eat them myself.  

The ground was full of worms everywhere I dug, which is a very good sign my efforts to build up the soil over the years are working. 

Fingers crossed! Cuz I sure ain't paying inflationary prices for no cellophane, colorless, store-bought tomato! 

May 9, 2022