Paved With Snark In The Comment Boxes

Fr. Michael Orsi has a set of commandments of sorts --and terse warnings-- for bloggers (and those who comment). Here are some of them.
  • A blog that is particularly vicious toward persons can be indicative of psychological illness, or simply an evil person, and is therefore suspect.
  • Responding to these calumnious blogs, even for defense of the individual or for clarification, only encourages the offender and prolongs the life of the calumny.
  • Those who suffer calumny on anonymous blogs are, for the most part, better off enduring it. Seeking to correct misrepresentations usually has the effect of keeping controversy alive and adding to its interest value.
  • While reading such blogs is damaging to its target (since it causes unwarranted negative speculation about another’s character), it also hurts the reader since it causes scandal, sowing pessimism and despondency.
  • Calumnious blogging is a serious offense against God’s law. Those who engage in it are jeopardizing their immortal souls and the souls of others.
  • For anyone to make a judgment concerning a person’s character based on what is read on a negative blog is to be a formal cooperator in the evil perpetrated by the blogger.
What's the old maxim? Believe all the good you hear but only the evil you actually see?

He's pretty hard on anonymous bloggers, too, which stings, although on the whole I agree, since what he's most concerned with is launching anonymous attacks on people. There's such a thing too as protecting institutions --and spouses' careers-- from one's random musings, I would argue--since they could be either weeds or wheat.